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Frequently Asked Questions

If you need any additional information, or other questions please feel free to view our CONTACT US page on the Quick Link Menu.

Q:  How do I know if I fall within the boundaries of this league?

A:  Simply go to the "League Boundaries" from the quick links menu.

Q: I moved and now I fall outside of the boundaries of this league, can I still play in GSLL?

A: Yes, as long as you played the previous spring season with Gilbert Softball, and did NOT register and play for another League. Then the GSLL would remain as your home League.  If you are in Dust Devil or Queen Creek boundaries, you must play with their league.

Q:  How much does this league cost?

A:  Our registration fees are typically around $135.00/185.00 for our spring, and $115.00/155.00 for our fall season.  This includes a shirt and socks for the girls, and costs of the league to run the season.

Q:  What skill level is our league and time commitment?

A:  We have two seasons:  Spring Ball and Fall Ball.  

During our Spring Season, there is player evaluation, and players are drafted on teams for the Majors, Minors, and Jrs/Srs divisions. That means that your young lady will not be able to request to be on one of their friends teams. Sibling requests are honored however if possible, but not guarenteed. When registering for the spring season, please bear in mind that your daughter may have to play up to 2-3 games per week for multiple weeks in a row.  It is a time commitment and it takes some sacrifice from the parents and the young ladies.  We play Monday through Saturday and occasionally games my end later in the evening. The Spring Season is competitive in nature, and to qualify for the summer Post Season Tournament season, you must play at least 60% of regular season games in the Spring. In the Post Season Tournament ("All Stars"), our young ladies can compete across the state against other Little League disctricts.

In Fall Ball, the Fall season is more of a instrcutional/devlopmental season, where we require all players to play-up in the division they qualify for in the subsequent year Spring Season. 

Q:  What are the different divisions and their respective age groups?

A:   Please see the "DIvisions and Age Chart" quick link on the menu for more details on each dvision.

Juniors/Seniors:  Age Groups: 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 yr olds

Majors:  Age Groups:  10, 11, and 12 yr olds

Minors:  Age Groups:   8, 9, and 10 yr olds

Ponytail: Age Groups:  6, 7, and 8 yr olds

T-Ball: Age Groups:  4 and 5 yr olds

The Board of Directors reserves the right to place a young lady in a particular league due to safety concerns.  The Board of Directors also reserves the right to issue a refund if there are not enough players in a given division or if combining a division may put a young lady at risk with safety concerns. If you are interested having your player move up to the next division before they reach the age, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Q:  When and Where are the games usually played?

A:  Most games are played at Old McQueen and New McQueen fields, as well as Crossroads Park.  To find these parks, please go to the quick link menu, and click on "League Field Locations". For all Divisions, each team typically plays 2 games per week, which can be scheduled Monday through Friday as well as Saturdays. Typically T-Ball, Ponytail, & Minors typically play at 5:30pm during the week and Saturday mornings. Majors and Junior/Seniors typically play at 7:30 during the week and may be scheduled anytime on Saturday up to 4pm. The Board of Directors does its very best to schedule the younger ladies at earlier time slots. T-Ball may have inter-league games with Gilbert National LL so there may be different times scheduled when played on their fields. 

Q:  How do I get financial assistance?

A:  Please contact our treasurer at the following address to see if you are able to get financial aid:  [email protected] .  Please bear in mind that our league operates from the registrations that are paid from our families that participate so only apply for financial aid in the case of a true hardship.  Every scholarship request will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and the Board will request that the scholarship that is granted will be “paid” by volunteer hours for the league.

Q:  How do I find out when my daughter will be evaluated, or what team she is on?

A:  Please contact our Player Agent if you have any questions regarding your daughters placement.  You may contact [email protected] for those answers.  Also, keep a watch on our website as there are always new updates available on that site.

Draft Questions

Q: Does my daughter have to be present for player evaluation day?

A: Yes, for Spring Season it is a mandatory evaluation for the Majors, Minors, and Jrs/Srs divisions, if you cannot make player evaluations, please contact a player agent to review options available. A player CANNOT play in a season unless they are evalauted and drafted accordingly based on their skill set.

Q: Does my daughter have to go through the evaluation and draft process for the Ponytails or T-Ball divisions?

A: No, Ponytail and T-Ball players do not participate in an evaluation or draft process to be placed on a team. Teams will be formed by the league by coach and/or friend requests, or by residence/school boundaries when possible.


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